DCS PRO Specification

Fucntions FULL-HD Live Image (16:9)
Comparison image
USB2.0 PC Slave Mode
Image Adgustment
– Brightness,Sharpness,Contrast,Gamma,Exposure
– Image Conversion- Selectable color mode( User 1/2/3/Default)
– Storaged Image File Play
– Create Folder, Delete Folder & File
– System Time setting
Camera Resolution 1920×1080
Video Out 1920x1080i, 60 frame, HDMI
PC Interface USB 2.0 / Slave Mode
Directly connected to the PC application
Internel Storage 32G
Enternal Storage interface USB 2.0 Memory Stic /FAT32
Still image Capture 1920×1080 jpg File
User Key Interface 5 Directional Key
Light Source 18W LED lamp, Color temperature (4800。K), Adjustable light intensity
Cable Length 2.0M
Foot switch for Freeze & Still Capture
AC Input 90~264VAC Max 45Watt Universal AC Input / Full range
Dimension Width(209mm) x Depth(101mm) x Height(250mm)

Optimizing Diagnostic Camera Style

  • Video Colposcope
  • Video Rectoscope
  • Endoscopic camera system
  • Video Dermascope
  • Video Otoscope
  • Video Irisscope
  • Video scope for optician

Main Features

Optimal Solution For Telemedicine System

Convenient Joystick



Convenient joystic with each directions can lead to freeze, save and zoom images conveniently.

Image Management

  • Captured images can be selectively saved onto internal memory (SD CARD) or
  • It can be connected to PC via USB port and manage saved images on main units more
  • Various comparison and (1 to 4 frame)

Full HD(1080i 60 Frames)

Image Conversion

Image can be conversed in various ways

18W LED Lamp loaded

18W LED Lamp is brighter than 100W Halogen Lamp.

4800 。 K color temperature close to natural light makes it possible to realize clearer image than Halo-

gen lamp.

Easy Connection with PC/Laptops

DCS pro can be easily connected to a computer via USB

2.0. Users can save digital data on a computer.

Video Scope for Optician


Iris diagnosis

Check on contact lens, conjunctivitis and Iris.

Application With Various Accessories

Video Colposcope

  • Easy diagnosis of Cewix with Colpobar.
  • Easy diagnosis of cervical erosion and
    CIN and CIS using built-in green filter.

Video Rectoscope


Anoscope for Internal or External
Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissure and Anal

Endoscopy Camera System

Compatible With varlous endoscopes

It is possible to connect rigid endoscopes to durable CCD coupler.

Video Otoscope Camera System

Diagnosis of ear drum and external auditory Gray Tongue depressor canal Without Inserting telescope deeply.

Optimized telescope diameter ( 3mm ) Image management ‘1 ‘ m l, for pediatric patients.

TonSIL,-Larynx, 5km can be dlagnosed by varlous accessorles.

Video Otoscope Camera System

Dermatology/Plastlc Surgery

  • Side illumination can reduce light reflection
  • .
  • High magnification by using various kinds of lens and caps.
  • Epidermis and pigmentation can be clearly diagnosed